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  • I have been looking all over the web for some help. I am hoping someone will read this and drop me some kind of help.

    Saturday July 8, 2006 I turned on my computer to a Windows Update request, so I ran the update and when my PC rebooted I received this message saying that my Windows XP Professional is "BAD" So I panick a little because I paid the money for the the Xp when my machine was being built. So I'm thinking to myself I will just re-install and everything will be fine (without of course writing down the number they gave if you had problems)

    So like every good re-install I do a back-up of my personal files, throw the CD in sit there for 35 minutes and then the Product Key screen comes up...I type in the key that I was provided, I get the INVALID KEY message. HUH? This PC was reformatted once before and it took the key and all was fine. So now I sit with a usless PC, a 25 character "invalid key", and looking down the barrel of having to spend more of my money to get a 25 letter key when I already have the program.

    So i have been reading the links and seeing the neat program that will give you your info, well that would work if my PC wasn't wiped already becasue there is no Windows XP and I would have never thoguth to check on the key prior to becasue I had installed before. I have also seen the stickers that are "suppose" to be on your machine but guess what I don't have one!  The company I purchased my PC from was a valid business but guess what the phone no longer work.

    Do I have a pirated copy of XP Pro...I don't know.......Can I get a new key....I don't know I need someone's help...please contact me at dee_m@hotmail.com





    Tuesday, July 11, 2006 6:23 PM


  • Dee,

    As I understand your post you do not have a Certificate of Authenticity on the computer, and the copy of XP you have was provided by the person/company that assembled the computer for you.  And, it appears that this company is no longer in business.

    You do have a CD, I gather.  Please pop the CD into another computer and navigate thru the CD to the i386 folder and look for a file named setupp.ini.  This file will have two lines of information---please post the second line.

    Also, please visit this MS site http://www.microsoft.com/resources/howtotell/ww/windows/quiz_coa.mspx?quizType=oem&compareButton=Compare+Now to see if you can classify your CD as a genuine CD.  In order to reach the pictures of CDs, please indicate that you have a COA that looks like the yellow one; the page will not take you to pictures of CDs unless you tell it you have a COA.

    Next, please visit this site http://www.microsoft.com/resources/howtotell/en/counterfeit.mspx to see if your CD looks like a low, medium, or high-quality counterfeit.

    Let us know what you find....

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006 5:19 AM