Signing out of forums and dial-up RRS feed

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  • Have been on this dial-up connection for a few days, and this has happened every time I try to sign out....

    I am signed in here (and my skydrive as well) and when I click sign out of the forums, it doesn't sign out... Click again, it doesn't sign out... same thing happens no matter how many times I click on sign out, and I can still post and vote and other things that I would have to be signed in in order to do, even though I have "signed out"..
    The only way to get it to sign out is to close firefox.

    However it must have actually signed out, because once I sign out of here, when I try to aceess a "restricted area" in the skydrive (where I would need to be signed in to access it) I get the screen to sign in...

    Very annoying bug, as I would like it to sign out when I click sign out!
    Hello! Please reply back, promptly if possible with the results to solutions to your problem!
    - JoelbX
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    Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:05 PM


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