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        I need some help on the following issue.

       I am posting a  httprequest with session and cookie values (with some extra headers)  to a Weblogic server in C#.

    (The session and cookie value has been stored before into a xml in past transaction  made using IE.)

    When the cookie id and value are recoginezed by server i am getting proper text/xml response which i am processing further.

    But when the cookie is dead meaning (server cookie time out) then the response is as text/html (login page) .
        I have a windows form with  a webbrowser control which takes the response and showing to me.

       webbrowser1.documenttext=response ; (like that )

         i am giving proper credentials (userid,password) and clicking submit button.

         Here i have to capture the new session id details from the response object ( from webbrowser)and write it back to that xml.

    How can i do it.

    Any help....

    Dwipayan Das
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