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  • I have been investigating the use of the out-of-box server-side CRM 2016 to SharePoint integration to satisfy a number of document management requirements that we have. There are a number of things that it would be great to be able to customize and some behaviours that are potentially undesirable. I have searched around for documentation and other threads but found very little beyond the vanilla configuration.

    Desirable configuration:

    • Customise the list view of attached documents to include additional columns from the linked document library
    • Add document should allow user to set the value of any mandatory columns that exist on the document library (bonus points if we can also programmatically set some of these fields e.g. adding a registration number to SharePoint to assist searching from SharePoint)

    Undesirable behaviours:

    • No way to link an existing document from sharepoint. It has to be stored in a folder.
    • Use of folders causes problems with corporate document management, should allow linking by other column values.
    • A given document can only be linked to a single entity.
    • Library columns are not able to be set. Even when checking into a library that has mandatory columns with no defaults the SP rules seem to be bypassed.
    • No visible way to roll-up documents from child records in the CRM (or SharePoint really since the folder structures will be distinct between entities)
    • Check in always creates a major version without prompting.

    Am I missing something or are we completely stuck with the OOB behaviour with no way to customize in any way shape or form. If any of these behaviours can be customised; are there any resources out there describing how?

    Friday, January 15, 2016 12:46 AM

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  • To meet our requirements, we have developed a custom integartion between CRM 2013 and SharePoint using client object model. We handle versioning issue and kepping CRM URL in sharepoint and vice versa using client object model. Normally we receive file through emails and a custom activity scanned (scanned documents are provided by our service provider). We have created an entity of Meatadata in CRM. We a user triage email it populates the metadata in that custom entity. Then the files is moved to sharepoint along with metadata. This metadata is kept in synced using plugin therefore user can update this metadata anytime.

    Another thing to take care of the the document library storage size. We keep one library size to 150 GB and once it is near to finish we move on to next document library .

    The third thing to remember is security. We are using CRM security on case and replicating this to sharepoint. If a user have access to case he can view the document related with this case.

    Another thing is the max attachment size in CRM is 32 MB therefore if you will be receiving bigger files then there should be a workaround.

    Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

    Regards Faisal

    Friday, January 15, 2016 12:08 PM