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  •   I just bought a new netbook with win7 on it, boy I was giddy to have a brand new computer in a size that I needed and the new windows 7 to boot.  OH MY GOD!!!!!!  Not only does win7 not allow me to access nearly anything on the computer, 93% of my programs will not work on win7 but they worked fine on all my other computers running XP, now only three of the programs offer upgrades to win7 but only at a cost of just over $2000.00 and the 59 other programs don't have upgrades available yet and tell me they cannot keep up with all the changes Microsoft is doing with their new OS's, about half of them tell me to switch to mac or Linux so compatibility won't be a future problem and almost all of them will offer a free conversion to Linux over the costly upgrade that is in the future for win7.

      I find that this ver of win 7 does not support a virtual machines so I am stuck with an expensive non-functioning boat anchor.  Well I ran across this same thing when Microsoft went from win98se to ME and I spent a ton of money at that time upgrading my programs, and have spent even more as the OS's started to roll off the line like clockwork.

      WELL I AM SICK AND TIRED! I WILL NO LONGER BUY ANY MICROSOFT PRODUCTS UNTIL THEY CAN GUARANTEE BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY TO ALL OTHER WINDOWS OS'S!  Until now I was using VMWARE but this ver of win7 wont even run that, I have several thousands of dollars of programs that are now useless to me and a computer that will do nothing but connect to the internet and make a poor boat anchor.

       Microsoft is screwing the public and it needs to stop, the public deserves a operating system that will run what they have and what they want not just what microsoft wants.

      Microsoft owes me nothing less than

    1) a refund of all the upgrades they forced me into getting.



    2) a downgrade to windows xp so my software will work without using VMWARE


    3) fix win7 so my software will work, along with the software I stopped using because of the upgrade incompatibility problems.

    Some may say, including Microsoft, that this is impossible, well bull! vmware worked until win7 so there is a way to do it and should be easy as running the programs. The public should let Microsoft know this is now a big problem and we will not accept it any more, or we will go to another OS that will run win programs (like Linux).

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