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  • 8th(4 attempts of Vail and v1) try at installing this miserable OS and I keep getting this error, among other errors.  I found the old thread regarding qs.ini to be useless.  How do I get this OS installed?  Other errors include:

    Error code 0x8007048f

    Preserver Service failed

    This has been an absolute nightmare that has been going on week.

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    Sunday, February 13, 2011 7:12 AM

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  • I would guess it's a hardware problem. Not a lot of info in the post.



    Sunday, February 13, 2011 3:18 PM
  • Hardware:

    WHSv1 (Quattro) install on x86.  Native IDE controller (Intel 82801EB) hosts two 0.5Tb drives one on each IDE channel.  A Silicon Image SiI0680A SCSI adapter driver was loaded during initial install, which hosts one 0.5Tb drive.  A USB drive was used to load drivers during initial install and was left in during subsequent setup.


    Error Message:

    An error message appears on booting WHS during the "Finalizing Installation" portion of setup.  Error message mentions BOOT.INI and to check the ARCPATH then states "Windows Home Server setup failed."  File q_setup.log reports the following:

    • Trying to load c:\install\winntbbu.dll
    • installer initialized with parameters -continue
    • Setup has [re]started at mode 0 stage 1 step 0
    • Looking for template x:\files
    • checked file c:\files, error 2
    • checked file e:\files, error 21
    • Template x:\files NOT found!
    • FindOnMedia : Exited (0x80070002)
    • ERROR: WHS disk not found!
    • Found system on drive C
    • Fixing up path c:\WHS [redistr, install, etc.]
    • Looking for template _:\qs.ini
    • Checked file C:\qs.ini, error 2
    • Checked file e:\qs.ini, error 21
    • Template _\:qs.ini NOT FOUND!
    • FindOnMedia : Exited (0x80070002)



    The causes of this behavior can include the following:

    1. movement of storage media,  devices, or controllers during setup.
    2. failure of storage media, devices, or controllers during setup.
    3. use of USB drive to load drivers (SCSI in particular).

    My setup experiment generated this when I made two mistakes:

    1. Removing the WHS installation DVD after initial reboot during setup.
    2. Using a USB drive to load SCSI storage controller drivers.

    Correction & Resolution:

    Although I was able to continue the install for a while by replacing the WHS installation DVD into the drive and changing the assigned drive letter for the DVD drive (J:) to the path that WHS setup was searching for (E:), I eventially experienced the missing fs.ini symptom later and was not able to correct it.  Word to the wise: Do not use USB to load storage controller drivers.  Use a floppy or CD/DVD instead.  Make sure you remove the driver media and replace the WHS installation DVD as soon as the storage drivers are loaded.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011 4:19 PM