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  • In Money99 I have several accounts.  One is password protected.  I worked in it yesterday, backed it up to a floppy disc (yes I know this is 2017) and then opened another account that is not password protected.  When I try to open the password protected account today with the correct password, I get an error message that says "...is corrupted or is not a Money data file.  Make sure you are opening a file with an MNY extension.  If you have chosen the correct file and it cound not be accessed, you will need to open your most recent backup file to access your data." I tried to back up with floppy data, and get the same error message after I enter the password.  I am still able to open all the other password protected accounts. How can I get to that data?
    Tuesday, January 24, 2017 10:46 PM

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  • You say " a floppy disc ". A Money 99 backup file may or may not fit on a single floppy disk. If the backup does not fit, Money prompts you to insert another diskette.  When you back up to diskettes,  the files will be named *d1.mbf, *d2.mbf, *d3.mbf and so on.  What is the name of the file on the problem floppy that you have? If it is not a *d1.mbf name, it is not going to be a complete backup on one floppy. Also, how large is the file?

    I would stop using floppy disks to back up, and instead switch to USB flash drives. They are more reliable. Right now, I suggest making extra copies of your *.mny files and/or *.mbf files to a USB flash drive, in case you have another failure. I don't remember for sure if Money 99 could back up to USB flash drives. But if it can, the flash drive must have less than 2 GB of free space. You can fill the drive up with stuff to reduce the free space.

    Terminology-wise, we call the things listed in the Account List  Accounts. We call the things you back up "Money files" or "Money data files", or some such. *.mny files are the Money files, and *.mbf are the Money Backup Files.

    You can try running salv.exe to make a repaired version of your problem *.mny file . See if you can find that file in your Money installation folder. If you have trouble finding it, check back for how you could do that. Choose to do a level 2 repair.


    Wednesday, January 25, 2017 2:13 PM