Windows Live Mail suddenly starts asking for password, which doesn't always work. RRS feed

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  • Hi. After several months using Windows Live mail on my new Windows 8 computer, it suddenly won't open without a box prompting me to enter my password. When I put this in, it said it was wrong (it wasn't). So I logged into GMail via my browser, using same password which allowed me to access email.

    I got a text message and 2 emails from GMail saying there had been a suspicious attempt to access my email (timed when it was me trying). Followed the link to a reset page, closed down my browser. Also attempted to close the Windows Live Mail password request dialogue boxes and the email appn itself, but could only do this by using task manager.

    When I then reopened Windows Live and entered a password, it immediately loaded my emails and worked for rest of evening. Today though, same problem, and even after resetting per above it prompted me for a password when sending an email.

    Yesterday evening before we came across the Windows Live issue the internet was not working properly, loaded some pages, but not others. The MSN homepage wouldn't load and had a Hotspot Shield symbol. We realised this was an unauthorised add-on which had hijacked the browser, so removed it by uninstalling this. Also did a full scan via MalWarebytes which found nothing. We only use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, although admittedly we hadn't done any updates to Malwarebytes (not been prompted to) since Nov 15th. After doing all this the internet worked fine.

    Why am I suddenly being asked for passwords, and having to go through reset procedures. Please help!

    Friday, February 7, 2014 11:00 AM