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  • I love how people say "this thread is ## years old..." like there's not a thing called Google where people search for answers and end up on old threads where the answer is still relevant.  What good is it open a new thread to ask a question about a thread that already exists that's valid?  Sure, if the technology, etc. changed enough to where the thread isn't valid anymore then you shouldn't comment on it....but who cares if this is 1 day old or 10 years?  If it's valid, it's valid, no? Amazing how my Google search turned up this now 9 year old thread!....and it's still valid and helped me! In fact, I could make an argument you would WANT some reviving of old threads...because IF there's a better/new way to do something, you would want the people who landed on the thread via a Google search to read the NEW info so that they realize the methods have changed and won't use what they just read at the beginning of the thread.
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