Get entity reference for use in updating a lookup field in a workflow RRS feed

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  • We have a custom training session entity, which has a monotonically incrementing session number. We would now like to allow our customers to register for the training forms online.  We created a form using click dimensions (our marketing package) and we have the form submitting its results properly.

    The registration email builds a url and passes the training session number (used for readability only) to the registration form via a hidden field.  This is all working well. I am now writing the workflow to create the registration (another customer entity) from the submitted form data. I am able to grab the session number and populate it via the Fetch XML option of the Workflow Field Lookup solution available on CodePlex. I am also using the same solution to get the guid of the training session from the session number.

    Now I need to create the registration record and link it back to the session. I understand this is not available out of the box, but I haven't found a handy managed solution to do this. I want to confirm that this is because CRM isn't capable of returning a "generic" lookup object so I will need a custom workflow activity designed to specifically return a training session for use in my workflow.

    Is that correct, am I missing a managed solution, or is what I want possible, but no such solution is available?



    Monday, June 8, 2015 3:34 PM