Does anyone in Microsoft understand anything about locale settings and ip addressing??? RRS feed

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  • I work for a Internet Service Provider called Excell Business Systems in the UK. We have been assigned the ip address range by RIPE NCC, who are responsible for public ip addresses throughout europe. I have rung Microsoft UK and various other departments 10 times and no-one is able to understand that the locale settings for MSN & Hotmail state our IP address range belong to Italy when we are LOCATED IN THE UK. I have tried to speak to the msn support team and have been told we do not KNOW what an IP Address is, and we only support paid subscriptions.

    Would it be best if we notify our 38000+ business internet users and DSL internet users to start using yahoo or gmail, due to the lack of support from Microsoft? Or is there anyone in Microsoft that understands anything about networking and Microsoft MSN/Hotmail Systems?

    I am absolutely shocked with the telephone response I have received so far, its as if people are trained to be NOT HELPFUL and make things arkward.

    I require a response urgently within the next 24 hours, since customers are getting sick of Italian adverts. This is affecting our business as we are having to compensate for a Microsoft Locale issue.



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