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  • Hi, I am a HOME (not corporate/business) customer and have been using MSOffice 2003 and being a HOME user, I have found the program to be "overkill" (has many more functions than I need) and recently purchased a new W7 system that has Works 9 installed and thought that I would use the "(crippled") Word processor in Works 9 and found a small annoyance. I copied the .DOC files to a new folder and when I opened Works9, I pointed to the folder and tried to open the file but the default extension in Works9 is .PFS (which is understandable).  To open the file I need to select .DOC from the pulldown menu and if I make a chance to the document, I need to safe it as a PDS file.  So I have a few questions,  can I convert ALL the .DOC files to PGS so that they are ready-usable when I open Works9?  I know that I can do this one at a time but I have several hunder DOC files so I am looking for a quicker way to convert the files.  And the second question is, what are the drawbacks (I am overlooking something) if I covert the .DOC files to Works9 and use WORKS9 as my WP program?
    Thank you for your help.
    Saturday, December 12, 2009 3:12 PM