Adding Contacts to a Marketing List in CRM4: privileges issue RRS feed

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    Hi all,


    I'm working on a deployment where Users can only mailshot contacts which are associated with their Business Unit. But it seems that Manage Marketing List members functionality is behaving strangely....


    Users have been assigned to a Business Unit and Contacts assigned to the User (as you would expect). The security role for users has been set to Contacts: Append: Business Unit and Marketing List: Append to: Business Unit. It is important that users can view and edit all Contacts (so Read and Write privielges against Contact has been set to Organisation-wide)


    When the user tries to add Contact to his Marketing list using Lookup, the CRM system appears to work fine according to the prescribed security rules. The user can see all Contacts in the Lookup Records dialog, and if several contacts are highlighted and added to the list (some owned by himself and some by another user from a different unrelated Business Unit) only those contacts owned by himself are brought into the Marketing List (there is an error dialog box during the Add Members routine, but the appropriate members are still added).


    However, when you attempt to add the Marketing Members using advanced find, no contacts are added at all (we get the "insufficient privielges" dialog). Which is a problem as we are working with thousands of contact records and adding them manually using Lookup is not an option.


    Has anyone come across this before, and any suggestions? (before I pull out all of my hair...!)



    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 9:55 AM


  • Did you get this solved?  Sounds like you need to give them a higher "append" and "append to" rights for contacts.  In your scenario you mentioned that the user has business unit security and he is prevented from adding members to a marketing lis that were owned outside of his business unit.  by raising the append and append to level on contacts, this should solve it.  You may also have to do it for Marketing lists, but I'm not sure as the list member are not actually stored on the Marketing list record, so marketing list security level should not matte.r

    Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:14 AM