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    I have recently upgraded my hardware for WHS v1 and have virtualized my old desktops and have installed VMware server.  I copied my fusion files to a shared folder called Virtual Machines and have relinked everything to the new vmware server on WHS.....everything works as expected including remote desktop.  Question is that i have recently seen that i shouldn't be accessing d:\shares\Virtual Machines Directly(VM server is because that is where i copied the files) so should i move the directory outside of shares?  D:\Virtual Machines\ for example? Once inside my virtual machine i have it set to save all files to a folder called Xp documents that i created on d:\shares\users\ so that the machine wouldn't have to be on for me to access files i create in there is this ok to do?

    Also i have itunes running as a service and it works great and have installed itunes library updater and have used it to add files to itunes by using //home-server/Music (Default share).....Is this correct?  Itunes itself only allows my to add d:\shares\Music which is how i had it until i read about not using d:\shares directly.  I did a get info from within iTunes on a files and it shows //Home-server/Music/artist/some file.mp3

    I am considering installing airvideo server again but if it doesn't allow me to use UNC paths should i use it? or can i map a drive and use that?

    Thank you for any and all suggestions,


    Friday, May 11, 2012 10:34 AM

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