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  • I have created two Many-2-Many relationships between the Sales Opportunity entity and a custom entity called Supplier.

    I have renamed the relationships List A and List B. Within the Sales Opportunity I can therefore associate one or more Supplier records, either on List A, or List B.

    For example:


    Sales Opportunity


    -----Closed Activities


    -----Audit History

    -----List A (Suppliers)

    ----------ABC Supplier

    ----------CDE Supplier

    -----List B (Suppliers)

    ----------CDE Supplier

    ----------FGH Supplier

    ----------IJK Supplier


    What I would like to do is automate the process of associating Suppliers with a Sales Opportunity.

    Ideally, I would like to search for Suppliers and then run an automated process for associating the records with a particular Sales Opportunity.

    My initial ideas were:

    (1) Created two Lookup fields on the Supplier entity, and then run a Workflow process to associate the records, whenever a Sales Opportunity is entered into the Lookup field. (Thinking I could do a bulk edit on the Suppliers and then Workflow would take care of the rest). However, it doesn't appear that Workflow has the ability to create relationships between records.

    (2) Write a custom Workflow activity that takes a Sales Opportunity GUID as a parameter to create the required relationships. But the problem here is that CRM Online does not support custom Workflow activities.

    (3) Write a dialog / plugin as per blog article


    Unfortunately you can only run a dialog for a single Supplier record at a time. So this does not work either.


    So it appears it is not possible to provide this functionality without building a custom ASP.NET application?

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  • I will explore Option (1) again, which should work if I use a Link entity between Opportunity & Supplier.
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