not such great luck with first night of WHS2011 auto backups RRS feed

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  • All of my client machines were connected and manual backups had already been completed for all of them to baseline the collection of backup files. I was expecting the first overnight auto backup, for the day's changes, to go smoothly.

    It was not to be. Only two of the five client machines show automatic backups completed overnight. Worse, the WHS services on the machine were off somewhere in the weeds this morning. A client Dashboard couldn't login--reported not finding the server. Logging in from the attached console went fine but Dashboard started from admin desktop showed empty lists for everything (clients, shares, drives). Reboot seems to have restored sanity--except for the missed auto backups.

    And all of a sudden one of the clients (an XPpro laptop) seems to have developed insomnia. I can force it into standby, but since I installed the connector (and patches it required as well as four or five other patches...) and associated it with the server, it no longer seems to go to standby on its own. This not a case of not returning to Standby after a backup--which it never had a problem doing on v1--since I rebooted it early last evening, didn't touch it, and it still didn't go to standby.

    I've also got the same set of "Alerts" about installing patches on clients when WinUpdate on the clients shows nothing left to install. This was reported n another thread.

    Any thoughts?

    Monday, August 8, 2011 3:28 PM