Windows XP COA Problem I Have..How Can I Downgrade from Windows XP Pro SP2 to XP Home Edition SP2... RRS feed

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  •    As I have been using (XP Professional SP2) without a Genuine COA as I lost my Genuine COA details for (XP Home Edition SP2).

    I tried Installing XP Home but was denied as XP Pro is higher upgrade than the one I'm trying to install, I have backed up my C:, Docs/files etc with Noton Ghost 10 onto an external drive,  I then tried Formatting my C:  completly to be able to install XP Home but could not Format Drive as it prompted "Quit any disk utilities or programmes that use this drive, make sure no window is displaying the contents of the drive".

    To Format I go to My Computer and then right click Local Disk (CSmile and then Format,  I have also tried in Computer Management  and right click (CSmile my options are only to Open,Explore, or Change Drive Letter & Paths, The other options are not highlighted to use Mark Partition As Active,Delete Partition & Format.

    I looked at Command Prompt options but dont fully understand Dos language & need to buy the Dummies edition on this subject, I tried rebooting in Safe Mode etc....Can someone plz hit me over the head with a heavy spanner (this is a metaphore) or preferably shed some light on this for me, I have spent many many unhealthy hours trying to overcome my problem & I am now waving a BIG WHITE FLAG in submission, I have owned a PC now for 3/4 yrs now, I never had no I.T. skills and learned as I went along so my PC skills are above basic and arround intermediate I suppose....So can someone give me additional knowlege to enhance my savvy....  It's nice to be nice. Thanx in advance XX. 

    Monday, April 9, 2007 11:59 AM