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  • First, the issues:

    I am not happy with server storage in the refresh. I've been running it in VMWare, testing it since a few days before the public release, and I'm unhappy enough that I want to emphasize in the strongest possible terms that beta means you should plan on losing your data. Please treat this build with kid gloves; it's definitely not the highest quality beta I've ever seen, though in fairness it's also far from the worst. Don't trust irreplaceable data to it. Let me say that again: Don't trust irreplaceable data to it. If you can't protect data outside of Vail (i.e. you need this server to be completely reliable), don't use this build. Heck, I'm not going to for now (that's a time thing, really; I have plenty of hardware to protect my data. But if I didn't have all that hardware, there's no way my data would go onto this build)...

    Why the stern warnings? I'm seeing results in testing that I don't like. These results are around the known issues in the release notes; the "unexpected data loss" issues are undoubtedly real, and one is fairly easy to recreate, I think.

    However, I'm also seeing too much variety in my results; I think I have issues with VMWare on my laptop ("What could go wrong?" he asked...). So my results are suspect at best, and garbage at worst. And my desktop, where I wanted to move my testing now that I'm back from a week in overly sunny Mobile, just dropped a drive out of it's array. Said drive is, of course, screaming like a banshee. ("What else could go wrong?" he whimpered. No, Ken's really not having much fun this weekend...)

    Now the request:

    I'm out of hardware. I won't be able to test further until I can rebuild my laptop, which is not happening as I need it for business and it's stable other than possible VMWare issues, or my desktop, which is also probably not happening this weekend, and I'm on the road again Sunday night so it won't happen until next weekend at best. However, I have an email address in my profile. If you meet these requirements:

    • You have a few hours this weekend (possibly an entire day if you can spare it, but I estimate at least 4-6 hours),
    • can run Vail in VMWare Server (or your virtualization tool of choice):
      • x64 processor
      • enough memory
      • enough disk space for 2x virtual disk
      • enough familiarity with VMWare or another virtualization tool to configure things quickly and accurately (sorry, but please don't volunteer if you've never used virtualization)
    • are willing to go through several runs of my test suite (boring) and submit solid bugs for any bad results (bug reporting is what's going to consume the most time)

    Drop me a line in email (Please don't respond here, I won't email you or contact you from the forum) sometime overnight, and don't forget to remove the ".nospam" from the end of the name if you don't want an automated complaint to go to your ISP. I'll send out a skeletal test plan in the morning (here in sunny Philadelphia PA).

    You will have my personal (and public) thanks and eventually the thanks of the community.

    Thanks for your time!

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Saturday, August 21, 2010 1:02 AM

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  • Could you provide more details on how the data loss occured. I would like to know what the limits/breaking points of this server may be. Do you have a detail of your test, and your bug report?

    I have USB drives that i am duplicating all data too, but I feel for my testing i want to maintain as close to a real life environment as possible.

    Is there any way you can write a thread of success and failure that anyone can post/follow.



    Saturday, August 21, 2010 1:30 AM