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  • Hi!  After searching this forum unsuccessfully for a solution to my "can't connect" problem,  I finally stumbled upon a solution, and want to share it. "Can't connect to server" to be a very common problem for WHS 2011 users, and is probably caused by many different things.  And now I have found at least one of the things that can cause the problem!

    Somewhere I found the advice to go to the client machine and start these two services:

    Windows Server Health service

    Windows Server Client Computer Backup Provider service

    So I tried that, and got a 1068 error: The dependency service or group failed to start

    So I searched for a dependency service which might be causing the problem, and finally found it:

    net.tcp Port Sharing Service

    This service was for some reason disabled on my client machine.  Once I enabled it (automatic) and started it, the other services would start, and the client was immediately able to connect to the server.

    I hope this helps someone, and if anyone knows what might cause this port sharing service to become disabled, I would appreciate knowing about that.  I have seen some posts suggesting that a virus might have caused it. 

    Sunday, September 18, 2011 2:26 AM