Alert received for post that even a Moderator can not see. RRS feed

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  • I occasionally receive an alert for a change in a forum thread and when I go to the thread link in the alert I find that the message I am receiving the alert for has been deleted.

    As a Moderator of that forum (and if logged in of course) I still see the post that I got the alert for but with the text crossed through and a note at the bottom that it was deleted (+ reason) by whom and when.

    However I just got an alert for a message in a thread that is in a forum where I am a Moderator and despite me being logged in I can not see that message even in a deleted / crossed through state.

    Haved you changed how these things work? If so I preferred the old version as deleted posts are often a guide to a Moderator that he is doing something posters don't like (and not all threads have Alerts on them).


    Mike Walsh


    P.S. The five "related topics" that popped up and forced me to scroll down before posting this all had *absolutely nothing* to do with this question. Either put up or shut up. The present suggestions are a waste of time.

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    Saturday, May 1, 2010 12:52 PM