HP 470 as a file server (moved from software) RRS feed

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  • I thought I would post this to let others know how I am using WHS.


    After test-driving products from LaCie, NetGear and even Drobo, I finally ended up with the HP MediaSmartServer 470.  Yes, I know, it is not a file server.  However, I have no intentions of using it for streaming video or storing digital images, at least in the near future.


    Knowing that a second drive can cause corruption if files are edited on the server, I have throttled back (temporarily I hope) to the single 500GB system drive, which is plenty big for what I need.

    I am a programmer and many times need to retrieve files off a computer back at the office when I'm on-site.  The ease of the remote access, the automated nightly workstation backups and the potential to use WHS DE are worth the money (at least for me).  The remote access with WHS is far easier that GoToMyPc and other services like that.


    So far, other than a router issue, this system had performed flawlessly and is extremely fast. I may consider bumping the RAM to 2GB, not sure.  Maybe someday I may want to take advantage of some of the fun stuff, but for the for seeable future, I will use it as a file server.  When M$ gets the bugs worked out, I will install the additional drives and take advantage of their DE technology.


    As a side note, recently I had the privilege of conversing with Marc Moon. What an incredible gentleman.




    Saturday, February 16, 2008 2:48 AM