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  • Since MSDN is choosing to use a circular bordering for displaying the profile pictures of the users in their profiles, it has been necessary to allow the users to choose the area of their profile picture which they want to show on their profile picture within the circular bordering.

    In my case, my profile picture is being shown like this (https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvegKc5BHnsuxy51nL1ps5xDtstd), which doesn't look too good. It could have been made better by letting me bring my face to the center of the circle.

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    The MSDN, TechNet and Expression Library Feedback forum is to "Help improve the Library Experience in MSDN, TechNet and Expression by providing feedback on features, bugs, look and feel or by just providing suggestions". This is not a support forum.

    As it's off-topic here, I am moving the question to the Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums forum.


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  • This is a big Microsoft-wide change that reflects an industry UX change. A ton of testing went into it to determine that there is a visual value to it, albeit subconscious. It's even bigger than Microsoft, as more and more companies reflect this in their design language. So they wouldn't change it. It would have to be an industry-wide change/decision (not just MS).

    One thing is that it seems to only be on those pages. It's still square on pages like this one. Also the hover card.

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  • Although this problem does not directly affect me, I'll add comment that I really hate those change that just for the sake of "reflects an industry UX change", especially in places where they shouldn't follow.

    I can't remember the number of times I faceplam-ed and tell my designer(s) why a particular control mustn't be changed in circle shape or, in some specific cases they shouldn't be round cornered.

    Btw, I think "web design" is about creativity and uniqueness. Of course there are some guidelines that need to be followed, but unlikely "fashion design", there's really no such thing as "trendy thing that you must follow". In places like forums, overall UI consistency values more than trendy design elements.

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