How to validate two mapping field? RRS feed

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  • I interested to know more about Dynamics CRM plus my company currently want to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and I am who discharge to learn it. If you don't mind and have any free time, can you teach me a little bit about CRM?

    Actually, I have one issue. I already google it and post a few questions in community CRM, but still can't solve one of my issue. The issue is I want to pass a parameter from one field in form to another form for validation. For example, field minimum sales price in Product form need to pass to Price List Item form to validate either the sales price less or greater than minimum sales price. I already solve to get the value of sales price in Price List Item form but still can't get the value for pass parameter.

    The situation is first, I fill the Product form and insert the minimum sales price. Then, I save it. After that, the button '+' in grid at Product form come out then I insert the price in Price List Item. So, I need to pass the value of minimum sales price when user click '+' button. When I write in the forum, they ask me to do a mapping between two forms. Yesterday, I did mapping for both of forms but when I test it, it seem like I can't modify the value of sales price. Can you help me on how to solve this issue?

    Friday, March 25, 2016 6:10 AM