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  • We do our research with SDK2.0 .And we made a program in user mode. In our lab, our program runs successfully when we tx data from A to B with the length of 10B-500B, and the bit error rate is about 4/1000. But when we run our program in other sora machines ,our program runs successfully when we tx data  from A to B with the length of 10B-120B. But when the length is larger than 120B, say 500B,  then the receiver could just receives 120B which are right ,and the else is wrong, strangely the receiver could receiver the same error.

    We don't know the reason. Is it related to the difference of the hardware?

    Waiting for your answer, thank you!

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 2:22 AM

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  • supplement to this problem:

    1.the related code is here:

    BOOLEAN DoLPWiFiTx(void* ctx)
        // Alias
        Monitor& monitor = ((TxContext *)ctx)->monitor;
        const Config& config = ((TxContext *)ctx)->config;

     HRESULT hr = SoraURadioTx(TARGET_RADIO, TxID);
     if (FAILED(hr))
      printf("[dot11b:tx] tx failed,%08x\n",hr);

        return TRUE;

    2.the program returns hr=800a6003

    3.according to the macro definition :

    #define E_UNKOWN_ID             ((HRESULT)0x800a6003)

    how to solve this digusting problem?thankyou

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 2:50 AM
  • It's hard to diagnose the bug from only the description, without code and experiment. So please treat my answer just as suggestions or hints.

    1. Does your implementation have logic error? Possible not correctly initialized in different machine? Possible buffer overflow? You can try to modulate your frame into samples, write to file, and demodulate from the file. We have an 802.11a/b/n offline modulator/demodulator (demod11.exe) sample in SoraSDK v2.0, please check and adapt it to your implementation.

    2. Does frequency offset will influence the performance of your receiver? You can adjust it by HwVeri tool, or sdscope-11a on 11a frames.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:26 AM