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  • Hi Bobby_N_Arkansas,


    Vista is in, what is called a 'Mod-Auth' Tamper state.  There are 2 types of Mod-Auth tampers.


    1) A critical system file was modified on disk - What this means is that the file, located on the hard drive, was modified in some way.


    2) A critical system file was modified in memory - What this means is the file itself (on the hard drive) is un-modified, but the code, from that file, running in the system, was modified in some way.


    Because of the Mismatched files listed under the "File Scan Data-->" line of your Diagnostic Report, I beleive your issue is caused by: 1) A critical system file was modified on disk


    Number 2 is usually caused by a running program that is incompatible with Vista.


    Number 1 can be caused by a malicious program (spyware, malware, virus) or by manual file modification (by a user of the system). There is also a very small chance that an Update may fail in mid-update and cause this type of issue. As a safety mechanism, Updates are made so that if they fail, they roll back any updating that was done before the failure, but there is an off chance that the roll back did not occure.


    So, what I would like to do is exclude a failed update as the cause of your issue. To do that, I would like you to uninstall/reinstall the update that correspond with mismatched critical system file, seen in your Diagnostic Report under the "File Scan Data-->" line. (i.e. user32.dll[6.0.6000.16438]) by following the below steps:


    First, uninstall the updates:


    1) Log in to Vista in Safe Mode

    2) Click 'Start' then Click 'Control Panel'.

    3) Click 'Classic View' in the upper right of the Control Panel window.

    4) Double-Click the icon named 'Programs and Features'.

    5) Click the 'View installed updates' link in the upper right of the Program and Features window.

    6) It may take some time for the list of Updates to appear, please wait.

    7) Right-Click on the update 'KB925902' and select 'Unistall'.

    8) Reboot into Normal Mode


    Now, reinstall the updates:

    (At this point, Vista may or may not be in reduced functionality, the below steps assume that Vista is in reduced functionality)


    9) Log in to Vista and select the options that brings up the Internet Browser.

    10) Go to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads

    11) Search for KB925902

    12) In the search results, click the update that has "KB925902" in the name.

    13) Click the 'Download' button.

    14) You will be given the choice to Save or Run, select Run

    15) Reboot 2 times.


     Please post back on if this does or does not resolve your issue.



    Thank you,

    Darin Smith

    WGA Forum Manager


    Hello Darrin,

    What are the options if the cause was by malware for  "Number 1 can be caused by a malicious program" cited above?


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  • Hello Chevy,

    Thank you for visiting our forum today :-). Curious do you have an anti-virus or other anti-malware programs? If so do you keep the signature files updated and do you perform regular scans of your hard drive and any other media you may place into the computer?  This is very critical as them lil critters can jump aboard anytime. Also go to http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/center/whatsnew.htm and run a complete scan using the OneCare Safety Scan for Windows Vista. Did it find anything?

    Unfortunately though the best resolution when you become infected with a virus is to reformat the hard drive then reinstall windows. Please visit



    Here you will find some great information which may help you out with virus in the future.

    Thank you and take care,


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