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  • I have a Dell D630, I have set up with a dual boot to Windows 7 Pro X64, and Windows XP x86 (irrelevent, to my problem) Windows 7 works fine, however windows XP with all the updates installed and all drivers installed seems to have some problems with the network devices, I have a verizon mobile internet card built in, an 802.11 wireless card, and an 1Gb NIC. Windows XP does not see the LAN card at all, the Verizon card is seen, however no utility is available on the machine to use it, and the wireless works, but when I installed the driver for I beleive it was the modem, the wireless stopped working, and now I cannot update the drivers because both the LAN card, and the wireless are not working.

    Any suggestions?

    I know this is a driver issue, but I have used all the drivers that came standard with the machine.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 3:19 PM