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    Question about attribute mappings.


    I used mappings to specify how to convert from a lead to an opportunity when you push the Convert To button.




    What if I have a mapping from contact to a custom entity. How do I get a Convert Button for this? How do you call the conversion?


    Lastly, I tried a mapping between a lookup entity and contact, but when I selected the lookup record, none of the data populated in the contact record. Why didn't anything copy over?

    Friday, June 6, 2008 1:19 AM



    1.  You don't get a convert button.  The lead/opportunity and quote/order process are unique.  The way that the mapping between other entities works (like with accounts to contacts, etc) is you create a new record from the side navigation area of the parent record.


    2.  The mappings don't work this way--they really are one direction mappings, meaning that when you are on the primary entity and you create a related record, the mapped values copy to the new record.  This does not happen from the lookup side of the relationship.


    With 3.0, the only way I'm aware of to make additional attributes map over from a lookup was using javascript and a callout.  With 4.0, you can use workflow, and set it up to say whenever the lookup field changes, update the record and overwrite the desired fields with the values from the related record.


    Keep in mind that this will not happen immediately on the form before your eyes, the user will need to refresh the form to see the changes.  One nice thing is you can make those fields read only on the form.

    Saturday, June 7, 2008 11:31 AM