Can a single component installed by two different installers, if we keep same GUIDs and Paths for files,services, registries, upgrade codes? RRS feed

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  • I have a component, is bundled with two installers One is bundled as MSM module in Installer with multiple other components.

    And other I have standalone installer that installs my component, it does not have MSM module just has .wixproj and .wxs file.

    So my question is can I have compatibility in between standalone installer and Bundled installer (component installed by Standalone can upgraded by Bundled component installer and vice versa)

    I know this can be done using shared MSM but trying to acomplomplish it with minimum changes just USE same GUIDs and PATHs.

    Also how uninstallation will work, if uninstalled by Bundled installer, what will happen if uninstall triggered by clicking "remove" standalone installer. also vice versa case "uninstalled by standalone installer and then tried to uninstall bundled uninstallation"

    Please consider I have used common Filepaths and GUIDs for components. Is this sufficient? Consuming existing standalone installer.

    I feel consuming same MSM in standalone installer may be longer path.

    wanted to know is this possible? if yes what additional steps I have to perform.

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