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  • I have a vacation home in Brazil and a neighbor asked me to help with the following problem.

    She has a Sony laptop that she purchased in Canada and it came with Vista preinstalled but it was in English. When she returned to Brazil she took it to a tech. who said he could install the Portuguese version of Vista so she had him do it.

    Now she finds herself with a counterfeit version of Vista installed, until now unbeknown to her, and she would like to “upgrade” to Windows 7.

    Even though this is a counterfeit version can she purchase a legal upgrade to Windows 7 and run the upgrade? If she can upgrade she will not have to reinstall all the other software or does she need to purchase a full version of Windows 7?

    When the tech. installed the counterfeit Portuguese version of Vista he wiped the drive and the “stored” reinstall version of Vista was removed, preventing her from reverting back to the factory original.

    What should she do?


    Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:15 PM


  • Hello bsdaiwa,

    To maintain compliance with licensing, any upgrade from Vista to W7 would have to be upgraded from a Genuine installation of Vista.

    To put a genuine installation of Vista back onto the computer, she can contact the manufacturer of the laptop and try to order the Vista recovery discs for it.  The complication may be getting the recovery discs in Brazil when the computer was licensed for sale by the manufacturer in Canada.  A further complication may be that recovery discs for the product sold in Canada would be in English or French versions and very unlikely would be in Portuguese.

    If the manufacturer can sell her Windows Vista Ultimate recovery discs, that would be the ideal solution as the Ultimate editions of Windows Vista and Window 7 support the use of language packs that change the display language.  This would solve the language problem and the counterfeit problem at the same time.

    If an English recovery disc in the laptops' original edition of Vista (most likely Vista Home Premium) is all that can be had, then she should purchase an English language version of Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade.  The Ultimate editions of Windows 7 support the use of language packs, so she can install the Genuine Vista using the recovery discs, then run the upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate, then take advantage of W7 Ultimate's support of multiple display languages and install the language pack(s) of her choice.

    Here is language pack info for Windows Vista:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/How-do-I-get-additional-language-files

    And for Windows 7:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972813

    Thursday, November 11, 2010 6:19 PM