fetchxml sub report not allow parameter in the first line RRS feed

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    I need to stack a matrix report into mutil row, ten records per row. So I use a subreport. main report get the total records then calculate total number of rows. the subreport get the pageno and show the matrix of data. both report runs/prints perfectly in visual studio. however, it won't upload to CRM online. I guess there must be some validation error when uploading a report, parameter is not allowed in the first line the fetchxml string.

    Is there a walk around to pass the validation error. below is the fetchxml string for the subreport.

    <fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false"  page="@pageno" count="10">
     <entity name="catapult_unit">
      <attribute name="catapult_phaseid" />
      <attribute name="catapult_floor" />
      <attribute name="catapult_stratalotnumber" />
      <attribute name="catapult_unitid" />
      <attribute name="catapult_name" />
      <attribute name="catapult_unitnumber" />
      <attribute name="statecode" />
      <attribute name="statuscode" />
      <attribute name="catapult_view" />
      <attribute name="catapult_unittype" />
      <attribute name="catapult_squarefeet" />
      <attribute name="catapult_floorplanid" />
      <order attribute="catapult_phaseid" descending="false" />
      <order attribute="catapult_floor" descending="false" />
      <order attribute="catapult_stratalotnumber" descending="false" />
      <link-entity name="catapult_floorplan" from="catapult_floorplanid" to="catapult_floorplanid" visible="false" link-type="outer" alias="fp">
       <attribute name="catapult_name" />
       <attribute name="catapult_floorplanname" />
      <attribute name="catapult_listprice" />
      <link-entity name="catapult_phase" from="catapult_phaseid" to="catapult_phaseid" alias="aa">
       <filter type="and">
        <condition attribute="catapult_projectid" operator="eq" value="@RPPP" />
       <attribute name="catapult_projectid" />


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