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  • I have 2 computers connected to a router. When Computer 2 connected the user must have checked discoverable because Computer 1 can see Computer 2 under Network in File Explorer.

    Now Computer 1 has a link to Computer 2's documents (not sure if public or a specific user). I want to access more than just that so I type in \\[Computer 2]\c$ and get prompted for credentials.

    I have Admin of Computer 2 create an Admin account for me on Computer. I re-enter the url, get prompted for credentials, enter newly made Admin account credentials, and it says I don't have access.

    I even tried putting [Computer 2]\[Newly made Admin account] and no luck.

    On a domain this is easy because the user of Computer 1 just needs to be in a security group and the security group gets applied to Computer 2, but I am having trouble getting this work with two computers that are essentially just end-to-end.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2018 7:46 PM


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