resources.dbo has an orphaned job RRS feed

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  • The other day i had to delete two jobs out of the jobs.dbo table.  The would not cancel and I was not sure about restarting the services.  I deleted the jobs from the jobs.dbo table and I deleted the jobs from the corresponding nodes in resources.dbo table.  I set the job and task id's to 0 and the state to 1.  Everything was working fine.  Then i had some more jobs that would not cancel.  (People cancel a lot of jobs in our environment).  Instead of editing the database, which i really didn't want to do, I restarted the services.  The jobs cleared out but then the Head and Broker node became unreachable in the grid.  I checked the resources.dbo table and noticed the head and broker node had those jobs still allocated to it.  However, it shows a -1 or Core and Socket ID.  The job is there as well.  How should i proceed? 

    Our environment is HPC 2008 (not R2)

    SQL Express Database (moving to SQL Standard in a month)


    Friday, May 6, 2011 11:05 PM