Suggest that there is need for a Timestamp to Clipboard feature RRS feed

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  • I have come up w/ a clumsy workaround to be able to time stamp my OneNote Mobile notes and other items:
    In Excel Mobile I have a single celled spreadsheet witht the formula "=Now()"
    This will display the current date and time that can be copied to the clipboard and pasted in any other application.
    The problem is that as stated above it is clumsy ...
    1) I have to navigate to the spreadsheet.
    2) I have to tap on the cell in which the date displayed
    3) I have to tap on the entry bar (this causes the date / time display to be updated)
    4) I have to copy the displayed timestamp
    5) I have to navigate back to the application that I was working on
    6) I have to Paste it
    7) By this time I have forgotten what I was going to do in the application (assuming that I remembered which application I was working in).
    Saturday, September 19, 2009 6:57 PM


  • Thanks for sharing your workaround J.A. W_ and for the feedback regarding getting your OneNote Mobile notes and other items time stamped.  A former boss drilled time stamping everything into my brain and it really can pay off when it works. Of course, that was all before mobile. I'm marking this thread as answered just for internal tracking purposes. We appreciate your feedback. This thread still stays viewable and available for posting.
    Thank you from the Microsoft Windows Mobile Team
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    Monday, September 28, 2009 10:35 PM