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  • I have the following array structure in my jquery code hardcoded as follows which is basically map coordinates etc.

     var locations = [
                    ['Petronas Twin Tower','3.1579','101.7116'],
                    ['Kuala Lumpur Tower','3.152866','101.7038'],
                    ['Kuala Lumpur Bird Park','3.14312','101.68835'],
                    ['National Mosque of Malaysia','3.141692','101.691645'],
                    ['Merdeka Square','3.147847','101.693433']

    Obviously the above is hardcoded and I want to be able to do is pass back a dynamic list array, that can be used within my jquery in place of the list above.

    How would I accomplish this using C# in asp.net forms or asp.net mvc? Thanks

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  • You would make a custom object, a view model, that would hold a List<T> of custom objects called Locations and you pass the view model into the view. You would load the List<Locations>  in the C# code.


    MVC and JQuery can be discussed at the ASP.NET forums.


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  • Create a class as follows,

        public class Location
                public string Name { get; set; }
                public long Latitude { get; set; }
                public long Longitude { get; set; }
    Then you can create a collection List<Location> and add Items to it. You can pass the above model to the view!

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