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  • (trying to find the correct place to post this issue)

    My Visual Studio "login" (rroesle@am.trimblecorp.net) (Register Product from Help Menu in Visual Studio) 

    My work email is randy_roesler@trimble.com ... this profile (rroesler@meridiansystems.com) is my old profile from before Trimble merged Meridian Systems into its corporate systems.

    a) Under all accounts it never keeps me logged in, but Visual Studio profile does seem to remember me.

        (I mean, it always says it needs to re-authenticate me in that dialog)

    b) When I do login, I have to login twice 

         I'm prompted for my password, then my auth code, then my password, then a text code which is sent to my phone.

         If I choose to use a text code for the first prompt, I still get a second password and second text code 

    c) This happens when I go to https://app.vsaex.visualstudio.com/me?mkt=en-US as well

    d) From https://app.vsaex.visualstudio.com/me?mkt=en-US I am unable to update my authenticator app registeration

        Was able to do so from 



    Thanks for any assistance or advice as to the proper place to seek assistance

    Monday, March 2, 2020 9:25 PM