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    I deployed CRM 2011 On-Premise.everything work great.in local network.I Install and Configure ADFS 2.0 on this server too and configure claime base and IFD too.in local network everything work fine.i mean when i try to reach my IFD (External URL) from local computer its work perfectly.but i can't access to it from internet.Here is my detail:

    My Server:

    Name:srv2008 - Domain:namadin.com - Ip: - Static Ip:217.170.247.* (can Access to this server from internet)

    I created wild certificate by Makecert.exe = > *.namadin.com. and in all process in install and configuration no error showed up.

    List of My DNS:

    adfs.namadin.com -> (adfs server)

    internalcrm.namadin.com -> (access by local users)

    auth.namadin.com -> (for IFD)

    dev.namadin.com -> (for IFD)

    crm2011.namadin.com -> (organization)

    in local network when i enter url : https://crm2011.namadin.com:444/  without any problem i redirect to https://adfs.namadin.com/ and after i entered user and password goes directly to crm website.

    in my router i configure port forwarding like this : port 443-444 forward to that's it . i don't know how can reach my https://crm2011.namadin.com:444 by internet and out of office. i don't know what is next step? do i need buy certificate? do i need to configure anything else?

    I really need help and really appreciate if someone give me clue or somehting to help.

    Saturday, October 18, 2014 11:10 AM

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  • I think you have missed configuring your external DNS records. It seems that you have configured ADFS, claims and IFD properly. But to browse to your CRM organization the external entries for your DNS domain must point to your external IP address.

    If I try to browse to https://crm2011.namadin.com:444/ your external DNS must resolve the URL to 217.170.247.whatever. and your router must direct the incoming request to your CRM server.

    I've just tried browsing to https://crm2011.namadin.com:444/ and it seems that I do get to your CRM site so perhaps the DNS entries were right or you have already corrected them but there is a certificate error.  It looks like the certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. You should consider buying a certificate from a trusted third-party vendor.

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:12 PM