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  • My greatest passion , at this time, is my computer.  I also love to write for I tutored English 1A during my studies in college.  I just purchased my PC from "Best Buy."  Anyway, someone was telling me that Microsoft is not to be trusted so turn=off as many of the Micros0ft services as possible. This means no automatic updates, no help and support, etc.  This puzzles me for I need these services enabled in order that my PC run smoothly and free of vulnerabilities.  He has done some work on my PC -- this  computer is an HP -- He (the one in question) thinks little of HP also. What is up with this?

    On my other PC (which he has now) a 75 Geg Hard Drive and only 6 gegs used leaving 69 gegs of hard drive.  It had Norton installed on it and he warned me not to use Norton.  He uninstalled the Norton and charged me 75 Dollars to so-call fix it as it was running slowly. Than for services rendered I gave him my other PC with the 69 gegs of hard drive and I now have my new one, only, from Best Buy (my HP PC)

    Could someone make some sense of this?  Is it true about Microsoft and Norton?  This man has cost me a lot of money. He is on Craigs List.

    Thank you,

    Peggy L. Zicafoose




    Friday, February 23, 2007 8:42 PM


  • Hello pzicafoose,

      Although it is good that you are asking for advice, your question is not Windows Genuine Advantage related and is really not appropriate for this forum.

      That being said, I do not believe this person is giving you good advice and the amount he's charging, in my option, is questionable as well. (but from the sound of your post, it appears you had already come to that conclusion). My suggestion would be to ask family and friends for advise on what company, repair shop or person they trust working on their computers and that charge reasonable rates.

    I hope this helps and Good Luck!
    Darin Smith


    Friday, February 23, 2007 9:13 PM