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  • I am curious to know when OneCare officially started supporting the dng file format?  I would also be curious if anyone else has had a problem with dng files as I describe below. 

    A few weeks ago I was rebuilding my computer and adding additional hard disk space.  I used the opportunity to do a full restore, which involved both a boot drive and a data drive. To my surprise only about 90 of several hundred expected dng files restored.   I have a lot of image files on my data drive- nef, psd, dng, tif, jpg, pdf, ai, etc. and all the non-dng file types restored.  I was using the version 1.x software when this occurred.  I can't reconstruct what my backup settings were at this point, but I firmly believe I had setup to backup all file types.  The dng files were intermixed in the file structure on a non-system drive with the other types of files I mentioned above.  The 90 dng files that restored were from the April time frame last year and happened to be the first set I had produced.  (They were generated via Adobe Lightroom from nef originals).  All other dng files I expected to find but didn't were from later on in the year.  I have thoroughly scanned the One Care backup files and can find no evidence that the missing dng files are there and are not being recognized during restore operations.  During my troubleshooting, I uninstalled version 1.6x and installed the 2.0x version.  No difference in outcome.  I contacted tech support about the problem.  I have stopped using OneCare as my backup program.

    Another sidelight - at the end of the full restore I got some messages that indicated about 20 files were not restorable.  They were a mixture of nef and psd files.  Reasons given were "corrupted file" - for the nefs - and "partial restoration" for the psds.  As far as I am aware, I never got any messages that there was a problem with the backups over the several months I was using OneCare as a backup provider.  Chkdsk did not find a problem with my backup drive.  I can't afford this lack of reliability.  (In scanning this forum for others who might have had a problem like mine, I note that "begarqat" also started a thread about some web related file types that apparently did not get stored during backup). User beware!


    Wednesday, January 9, 2008 3:53 AM

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  • I can't answer your question about the .dng file types, but I can say that I've not heard of the problem you encountered with the restore and I am curious why OneCare would have backed up that file type in April, but none after that. Were the files that were not apparently backed up located in folders where other files *were* backed up from and restored?



    Thursday, January 10, 2008 2:37 AM
  • Yes - typically psd or jpg or pdf files (and mixtures of these) in the same directory and / or subdirectories. All the directories I expected to be restored were restored.  Typically the dng's are at the "shoot - project level directory" and the other file types are in the same level directory or subdirectories.  In the cases where only dng's were in the "shoot level", the directory is empty except for the subdirectories that contain the other file types mentioned.  I agree with you that it seems very weird!

    Thursday, January 10, 2008 6:22 AM