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  • Hi, I recently started using a Tanjay desk phone as my company deploys OCS2007.  It works great - calls through Office Communicator, and to/from folks on our internal network work just great.  As do calls to the POTS system - to and from.  The IT folks have done a great job of implementing OCS for our company.

    The challenge? I work from home a good bit of the time and previously used a dual line analog phone - one line for my home office number and one line for my home number.  It worked well, but now that I have the Tanjay, I'd like to retire one of the phones on my desk.  A perfect solution would be if the Tanjay would permit OCS functionality but also had an analog port so that I could use it as a multi-line phone.  I get there is probably some missing analog phone guts in the Tanjay and this probably isn't a realistic scenario.  So... my second thought would be that it would be cool if the Tanjay would support two different OCS accounts.  Or one OCS account and another IP type solution for the second account.  In a perfect world it would be OCS on line A and something like Vonage on line B.  A call on either line would ring to the Tanjay and I would have to select an outgoing line when initiating calls.

    While I think the Tanjay is cool, I'm not tied to it - I'd buy another phone in a heartbeat if if could solve the problem that I have above.  Any pointers or recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.  My IT group, btw, won't setup a second phone number for me - nor would I want them to - I want it to be "my" line - not theirs.


    Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:50 PM

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  • I think you might find this functionality starting with OCS 2007 R2 sheduled for release in February 2009.  It looks like it's going to allow for multiple Tel URI's per user or at least the ability to be a delagate for another OCS user which would provide something close to what you're asking for.

    Sunday, October 26, 2008 4:28 AM