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  • A year ago I downlaoded a win rar winzip tool via tu cows.  BAD IDea and a virus later - shoulda spent the dosh for Winzip instead.  Onto the question.  THe virus loaded a number of items up and posted a PDF as the wallpaper pushing an anti virus campaign.  Huh.  I used file manager to find the files that were being created in the time frame the software was loaded and then deleted the files.  After my restart I found where the rest of the 'startup files were being secreted.  I deleted the files yet again and then I used regedit to locate the launch commands that created the executables and deleted them.  But there are still some errors as the startup file - still stored somewhere in the registry attempt to launch these 'not found executable files  So I get errors on every startup.  To be clear the virus did not use the windows install program to install itsself.

    I just tried using Live OneCare to perform the registry correction but it does not seem to bother to check or correct registry entries pointing to non existent file.
    Registry cleaners have a massively bad rep.

    I last really used Reg Edit back in the W4Workgroups era..  Is using Reg Edit and crawling throug looking for the only option I have.  The registry is quite daunting since the days of Work Groups.

    Old sock.

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  • Since this is not really a One Care issue I have moved this post to the off topic folder. It might be a real time saver and also yield a better result to just reinstall Windows rather than searching the registry line by line with no guarantee you will find the remaining malware. Before taking any other action you can call 1-866-PCSafety or 1-866-727-2338 for help with malware removal. This phone number is for virus and other security-related support. It is available 24 hours a day for the U.S. and Canada.
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