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    to adjust certificates for Edge server.

    There is a domain in which the organization domain.ru in a network 192.168.5. X works

    There is an allocated computer on which 4 virtual machines in a network 10.0.0. X are lifted

    sever-dc ---the controller of the domain

    server-med ---mediation server

    server-get --- gateway  between 10.0.0. X and 192.168.5. X, as Edge server

    server-ocs ---sql 2005 well and itself OCS

    Basically all works as it is necessary. But I can not adjust the certificate for public the interface in any way.

    At connection to edge server client OCS writes:

    The was a problem verifying the certificate from the server. Please contact your system administrator

    On server Edge server the center of certificates is lifted

    Certificates создовались separately for internal and external connection

    As by the machine whence it tried to be connected to edge server there is a following mistake:

    Type of event: Error
    Source of event: Communicator
    Category of event: No
    Code of event: 1008
    Date: 7/31/2007
    Time: 3:34:28 PM
    The user:
    Computer: book
    The description:
    Communicator could not connect securely to server because the certificate presented by the server did not match the expected hostname (
     If you are using manual configuration with an IP address or a NetBIOS shortened server name, a fully-qualified server name will be required.  If you are using automatic configuration, the network administrator will need to make sure that the published server name in DNS is supported by the server certificate.


    ping book to --- ok

    telnet book to 5061 --- ok


    Wednesday, August 1, 2007 11:05 AM


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