Issue with the iTrace log file, truncated to 640KB


  • We are trying to get Itrace file from production domain.

    Steps followed to get sample iTrace file.

    1. After download and expand cab file the IntelliTraceSC.exe resides in C:\IntelliTraceCollector

    2. If the iTrace log file is collected from LAUNCH command , file is in proper size  and able to investigate in VS Enterprise 2017.

    C:\IntelliTraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe launch /cp:"C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Trace.xml" /f:"C:\DumpFile\testlog.itrace" "CApplicationFullPath"

    3. But the scenario expected is to get the iTrace log in the background. i.e user will launch the application is installed folder and Itrace should be logged in case of exception.

    Tried with start command.

    C:\IntelliTraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe start /name:logger /cp:"C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Trace.xml" /f:"C:\DumpFile\itracefile.itrace"

    set VSLOGGERNAME=logger

    and  COR_ENABLE_PROFILING=1  COR_PROFILER={aaaaaa70-dfed-4cb4-a1d6-920f51e9674a} is set in System Environment variable.

    After executing the START command , the size of itracefile is 16432KB .

    Process is started from installed application path eg C:\Program Files\ApplicationFolder\test.exe

    After the application is exit , IntelliTraceSC is not releasing the iTrace log file and its not Logger is not stopped.

    So stopped logger using STOP command.

    C:\IntelliTraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe stop /name:logger /cp:"C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Trace.xml"

    After STOP Command logging file size is back to 640kb.

    We tried changing MaximumFileSizes in Collection_Plan  but still we could not get ITrace log file.

    Referred Link :

    How to get the itrace log file after the application is exited ?

    Thanks in advance. 


    Thursday, August 9, 2018 3:54 PM

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  • Not that familiar with Intellitrace, but does it help in any way, when you also set COR_PROFILER_PATH - please note the different paths for x86/x64 applications.
    set COR_PROFILER={aaaaaa70-dfed-4cb4-a1d6-920f51e9674a}
    set COR_PROFILER_PATH=C:\IntellitraceCollector\x64\Microsoft.IntelliTrace.Profiler.14.0.0.SC.dll
    set VSLOGGERNAME=session1
    C:\IntellitraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe start /name:session1 /cp:"C:\IntellitraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Trace.xml" /f:"C:\IntellitraceCollector\itracefile.itrace"
    C:\IntellitraceCollector\IntelliTraceSC.exe stop /name:session1 /cp:"C:\IntellitraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Trace.xml

    What says
    C:\IntellitraceCollector\Intellitracesc status
    Any ouput in Event-Viewer.

    With kind regards

    Friday, August 10, 2018 12:21 PM