Infected with "haunted/ghost like" virus, Need help restoring system. RRS feed

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  • Backround: I have had the security suite virus on my computer before and I believed the I took car of it by system restore. It seemed fine for a few moths but no I believe it has come back.i currently have a dual boot of vista and Ubuntu 10.04.

    Description: This morning I booted up my computer and I saw a picture icon on my desktop that I had never seen before. It was titled Folder.jpg. When I enlarged it, the picture was an old black and white photo of an ramshackle house with the door cracked and what appears to be an apparition. I Googled its description to no avail, then 20 minutes later a false "security warning" came up which reminded me of the "security suite virus". I could not pull up task manager so I rebooted into safe mode. There as soon as I press crtl shift esc for task manager, the security warning poped up. I then did a system restore, but I had done one in the recent past, so i could only go back a day. Then after it rebooted I ran Winods defender, avg and malwarebytes, and they alll came up with nada. So I rebooted in vista. It seemed fine, so i ran Windows defender, avg and malwarebytes again to be safe and they came up with nothing. then 10 minutes later i hear noise coming from my headphones and I was curious because I had no sound programs running, it was a creepy voice so I quickly unplugged my headphones. I tried to do a system restore but I had no more restore dates. I tried to boot into windows repair it would not allow me to run the factory restore. 

    Conclusion: Anything you guys could tell me would be helpful, any advice, or a lead to the identity of this virus would be helpful.


    Oh and I cant find a correct forum for this


    Friday, September 17, 2010 12:17 AM