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  • Having just upgraded from an older computer running Vista to a new computer running Windows 8, I downloaded Microsoft Money from softpedia to the new computer, restored all my information from my backup, and everything seems (so far) to be working fine.

    The "About" info reads:

    Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business Trail

    Version Copyright Microsoft Corporation

    Except: Every time I open the program, I get this notice...

    "Your trial version of Microsoft Money will expire on 12/11/2013"

    along with a link to Purchase Money which takes me to this page...


    I know the program is now free, as it was when I installed it on my previous computer some years ago...but I didn't get the pop-back then.

    If anyone could let me know what action I have to take to remove the relic notice and to make sure that I don't lose the program on December 11th, I would appreciate it.  I haven't yet found a solution by web search.

    Or, did I just download the wrong program at the wrong place?

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 4:16 PM


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