Windows 8 /8.1 on laptop RRS feed

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  • I recently purchased a laptop with windows 8 installed, brand new, fresh out the box. I have always trusted microsoft and windows, that is until now.

     Windows 8 is awful. I understand a need for making the windows experience familiar across all products, and it looks great, but the practicality and functionality on a lap top is akin to putting a saddle on a snails back to race at the grand national. I only ever use the regular desk top, as if I want to check in on my social network, e-mails or whatever other app I try to use takes between 10 - 45 seconds to load up. I have also found it faster to turn my laptop off rather than wait for the system apps to recognise I want to come away from browsing games or whatever to go and browse the web. 

     In addition it is rather annoying when the mail app doesn't recognise when I have read an e-mail, instead stacking them up to 99 notifications. So much for syncing eh.

    I had a ray of hope shine toward me when a free 8.1 update was offered. "fantastic" I thought. I eagerly updated, but found no difference. It just seems at every point to lag, freeze, stop thinking, or have a nervous breakdown.

    I would love to free my laptop of it's headache, switch the apps off completely. There is so much going on in the back ground it slows the whole thing down. I don't like that I have no control over it, no choice, unless I buy something else.

    Usually, people don't like change till they are used to it, then they like it so much that when the newer kid comes along to take over they hate them instead, but in this instance I can't wait till the new kid starts, unless the old boy from before is coming back to school!

    Thursday, December 26, 2013 9:41 PM