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  • ...the location for this but I am desperate to find an answer or direction on where to go to get an answer or a more efficient way to get ahold of microsoft.  I am just so frustrated (so please don't flame me).

    I have two primary domains I send email from...users opt into a membership and receive a confirmation email to complete the registration.  After that a user will only recieve an email from other members that are trying to contact them in response to an ad the user placed.  Everything is opt in.

    Email to microsofts hotmail/msn users were working fine until I changed ISPs recently...now emails from my two domains are being completely filters, as if they go into black hole, by MSNs proprietary filtering system.  Users don't even get the email into their spam box.

    I have contacted MSN/Hotmails postmaster support and have gone round and round with them but they refuse to apply the "reputation" i had under my previous ISPs assigned IP range to my new IP range and claim I must build a new "reputation" for the new IPs.  I have asked how the heck its possible to build a new reputation if all my domains emails are being blocked???

    I have tons of MSN/Hotmail registered users that suddenly are not getting their emails anymore...and they are screaming at me/us about it.  Its very hard to tell users its not our fault and that its MSNs fault - in the end they don't care who's fault it is and just want it to work.  As a result we are losing members in droves.

    To my knowledge, this is the ONLY way to get ahold of them or do something about these types of problems:

    Any direction or help would greatly be appreciated....I can't even find any MSN/Hotmail related forums dealing with this type of stuff and MNS/Hotmail postmaster is very, very difficult to get any results with.
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 7:42 PM


  • I am not sure that we can help you much here.  The team you have to work with is the one at postmaster.  This site is for the webmaster center on live search.  If you are dealing with the postmaster team then you are probably on the right track. http://postmaster.msn.com/troubleshooting.aspx  


    I am sorry for your frustration.




    Monday, December 17, 2007 8:29 PM