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        I've chosen session along my web application to maintain state.When i read datatable or collection of object from Database i kept it in my session with unique Session id so that it's available after many times of post back to server.I am using this senario in every page.but i am just adding in session ,i am not removing from a heavy information in session is going back and forth from server to client and vice in every page at first i clean the session ,then i add the objects in it.i thought i do not need to kept value of previous page in session.but suppose someone click a menuitem named "ClientInfo" ,this page open and clear the session and retrieve somthing from database ,add in session with key "Client".this page is still open and the user right click another menuitem named "SupplierInfo" and then click open click in new tab or click open click in new window.this new page similary clear the session first  and  retrieve somthing from database ,add in session with key "Supplier".if now i close the page "SupplierInfo" and try to update the clientInfo in ClientInfo.aspx.but the session value with the "Client" has been i right?i think i am right.


    i can use other session object like view state or hiddenfield which has lifetime with in a page.but if i use session how can i keep it minimum load?

    My another question is what is needed to add in session in a web page where add,update and delete is the main job?

    please write to me its is urgent.


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