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    In Forums 2.x the paging UI in the Threads View also shows how many total messages there are. For example,

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    Knowing the total # of messages is useful in many cases, including these:

    ·         when you need to know how many unanswered messages are left to be answered (e.g. “I want to get the forum down to 30 unanswered messages today”)

    ·         to track status of replication—for example, when you see the message count go from 25 to 21, you know as a moderator that the 4 messages you just moved to the correct forum have actually taken effect in the DB.

    ·         quickly computing the most current answer rate (e.g. when sending out a status mail) by dividing the number of messages showing up in the “unanswered” view by the total number of messages showing in “answered”, “unanswered”, and “proposed answer” views.


    In Forums 3.x today, unless I’m missing something you need to manually count messages to perform all those tasks.


    Is the total message count going to be added into the pager UI (or anywhere else) in a future Forums release?

    Justin Grant [MSDN and TechNet]
    Monday, June 9, 2008 6:28 PM