Few improvements i d like in the next gatineau RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    Here's my brief feedback, after one day of datas in gatineau

    I've got what i'm waiting for:

    A bit difficult to access... no direct menu for it, you have to digg inside each folder to access the profile page of your web page. Why so much difficulties to access the audience of one page ?

    It lacks some ages that you've got on your MSN profiles:
    Why can't you show us profile under 18 years old.

    I made a little poll on my website, and 40 % of my visitors are under 18 years old... so i can track only a potential 60 % of my audience.

    And when i track genders, same problems (i don't have those who are under 18)...

    We lack some basis to compare, i would appreciate to have a composition index in front of each profile data (based on your MSN datas).

    It will be awesome if we could have a view based on composition index of any profile...
    a report that could sort ranking of web pages based on their composition index in female for example.

    It will be great to exclude the datas you can't track in percentage reports:
    i prefer to see 80 % women, 20 % men, than 40 % unknow, 40 % women, 10 % men.

    The good point is to see that some profiles haven't the same bounce rates... it worth to analyse this in details.

    Friday, February 8, 2008 11:44 PM