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  • In a feeble attempt to do what SyncToy does (or does it, based on replies?), as a non programmer I use a simple system.   Using screen shots, here is how I verify my files which I have transferred to a removable drive vs the originals on my PC.
    A  Start with the PC and  view the file directory you want to compare  with the removable drive, and take a screen shot at an appropriate starting point, based on your initial criteria, be it date, names(alpha sort), size (size sort, etc). 

    B  Do the same with the removable drive.   In doing this screen shot attempt to align the starting point  at top of the screen hence top of the remov drive page.

    Now you have 2 screen shots, one each of the two drives files U wish to compare.  Easy enough to cut and paste (You are using JPG files now, we have visual pages of the data) and determine how well you have done your file transfers.

    You add or delete what and where you desire.  Usually you do not deal with 100.00000000% accuracy, since some overflow is unimportant.

    IT WORKS, sorry, but it does.

    If the programmers that are modifying an apparently 'nearly perfect' system, and they already get bugs, I see little difference unless you are at Yale and attempting to coordinate this years graduating class stats with that of the 1928 class...???

    What he is saying is,  our words and letters are simply symbols, why cannot the programmers do as I have done VISUALLY by screeh shots, with their programs, which should be able to grab the same symbols and manipulate them with much greater accuracy and grace???

    In retrospect, Yr Humble and Obedient Servant misses the wonderful simplicy of a long lost program called APPLEWORKS.  It allowed the average (or slightly better) person having little programming knowlege to do fine sorts  and evaluations within a spreadsheet.  At the time I was using that program for my financial analyses and other odds and ends....

    Just some thoughts.  I hate to think that its enough to deal with the constant barrage of updates, revisions, and changes to the many programs on my PC, and my personal and family finances, let alone have to deal with a Sync Toy File Synch that in itself is a developer tool and a buggy one at that????

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    Monday, May 11, 2009 5:11 PM